I wanted to let you know that Great Scott Tree Care just completed the removal of the two pine trees behind our home. They did a very professional job and were amazing to work with. Their attention to detail in bringing down the large branches was admirable and incredible to watch. They opted to use our yard and gate to access the common area to transport the tree cuttings and trunk sections. They were very careful at every step and did an amazing job of prep and cleaning things up after. The crew was very friendly to deal with and the efficiency of taking both trees out in less than two days was incredible.

Happy Homeowner, Pacific Ridge

We had a Ficus tree go down in Basin 1 that partially fell into the water and onto the dock. I made a call, and Great Scott had a crew on-site in under 30 minutes to address this emergency. Once again I was impressed with their professionalism and their ingenuity in dealing with this difficult removal/clean-up. I want to give special mention to the crew lead Javier for giving direction to the crew and for flawlessly operating the boom that removed the debris from the water and dock.

A very special thank you goes to the area manager Daniel Ruelas who stayed late to give direction and take over the cleanup effort. Daniel geared up and went down into the Marina water to collect the debris that was not reachable from the dock. Thank you, Daniel! And thank you Great Scott team!

Jeffrey King, City of Long Beach

This year is the best and most consistently uniform trimming we’ve experienced….It’s a pleasure to work with such a dedicated, knowledgeable and professional team, all working towards the clients’ needs and goals.

Penny Lavoie, Landscape Committee St. Laurent

We can’t thank you enough for all you do and I wanted to remind you of what a difference you make to us every day.

Julie Myers, Amber Property Management

Great Scott was here this morning to start maintaining the trees. I want to give kudos to Salvador and his crew for the impressive work they did. This is the first time after three prior tree companies that the trees look perfectly and professionally trimmed. The trees are not bare and have enough foliage and branches for birds to find some shade. Also, it keeps the neighborhood cool enough and avoids a rush of AC units or power outages because of a raise in temperature.

Rocio, Bowen Court Maintenance

I wanted to pass along Steve’s message who is the board member at Amalfi Hills Community Association. He called our office to express his gratitude and share positive feedback on how well our crews were performing the tree trimming. He was amazed at the level of safety our crews have and overall satisfied the board chose the right tree vendor. Kudos Great Scott Tree Care Team! 😊

Steve, Board Member at Amalfi Hills

Raudel and his crew hit a home run yesterday with the multiple tree down calls.  As intense as the call volume got, Raudel remained calm and dispatched the crews in a rapid effective fashion.  The entire crew even stayed late last night, to ensure the SCE lineman crews safety, by dropping a few large high risk wind damaged trees within their work zone, in order for them to restore power to multiple businesses.  Please thank your crews and Raudel, as they really shined yesterday.

Casey Gnadt, Landscape Supervisor – Urban Forestry, City of Irvine

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