We are pleased to announce, on this 42nd anniversary of founder Scott Griffiths starting this business, some changes.

The New Website

Those who frequent the website may have already noticed, but we have cleaned it up! We worked tirelessly on how it is we at Great Scott can share the years of tree knowledge with those in the community and we think we figured it out. The new website offers a section called “Expert Advice“. Here you will be able to look into what trees to trim in specific season and also check out our blog “ElemenTree Corner“. ElemenTree corner will allow us to communicate any and all the helpful tips we can share regarding your tree care needs.

Another section we feel will be of value to our customers is the “Services” section. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) adopted tree trimming standards are outlined to give customers an idea of what trees should look like with an ISA Certified Company caring for your trees.

The New Logo & Name

Another major change after 42 years is the logo! If you quickly glance at the new logo, you would never thought anything changed. This was the plan. We wanted to keep the essence and the history that made Great Scott what it is, so rather than a major overhaul, we just cleaned it up. Accompanying the cleaned up logo was the change from service to care. We went from Great Scott Tree Service to Great Scott Tree Care. Care, being one of our five core values, better reflects what we feel we provide for the trees within Southern California, which is more than just a service, it is the care.

The Same Great Scott

We want to assure our customers, residents within Southern California, and all the tree aficionados while we are making changes to the appearance, the same Great Scott family is still here. We continue to be led by the passion and drive that owner, Scott Griffiths,  has instilled within everyone from our hard working tree trimmers in the field to the VPO.